Adult Seminars

Cooking and pastry seminars for adults

Cooking for Fun & Hands on Workshops

The interactive cooking and pastry seminars for adults are dedicated at amateur chefs! To those who are willing to learn, meet new people, create with their hands under proper guidance and taste their creations at the end of the process!

Maximum number of participants: 16 people.

Master Class Tutorials

The Master Class seminars for adults are organized for professionals (chefs and pastry chefs). They are executed by distinguished Greek and foreign chefs, leaders in their field, in the unique kitchen of Amilos Cooking Experience.

Maximum number of participants in the Master Class seminars of Ammilos: 40 people.

Nutrition, Health & Wellness Seminars

Experienced professionals teach us how healthy living and well-being of the human. Ammilos ‘ chefs transfer knowledge from theory to practice.

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