Ammilos Cooking Experience, this unique and tasteful multi-space Food Studio, was founded out of love and passion for gastronomy and the creation of new taste experiences.
In the modern, welcoming and comfortable facilities of Ammilos, delicious traditions are combined with technological development and innovative ideas, fun with learning, creation with collaboration.

άμμιλος [άmilos] : birthday cake
The ancient Greeks accompanied the celebration of the completion of an additional year of life with a sweet, dedicated to the Goddess Artemis, named ammilos. In the ritual of this Glory has the roots of the typical birthday, with the artoplasmism, singing, burning candles and extinguishing them at the end of it.

The candles that were placed in the sweet in order to glorify the goddess, symbolized the stars and the moon, which were associated with the goddess of hunting. Then, the cake was transferred to the temple of Artemis, and there, after they made a wish, put out the candles, believing that the smoke carries the prayers to the heavens.

Ο χώρος της Cooking & Pastry Academy
Ο χώρος της Cooking & Pastry Academy

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