Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of Ammilos cooking and pastry academy strategy. It is a powerful tool for growth and progress, an incentive for innovation and a factor for lasting improvement.

Recognizing that the operation of the company affects the Economy, the Environment and the Society in which it operates, Amilos cooking and pastry academy associates its strategy with the real needs of this triptych, and aims to well-organized implementation of its actions into a balanced and sustainable development. A sustainable development that benefits both society and the environment & the company and its employees.

Ammilos cooking and pastry academy undertakes initiatives for the adoption of environmentally friendly practices in all its operations and has set as a primary goal the environmental protection through actions of the circular economy, but also educating and raising the awareness of customers, adults and children. It implements continuous improvement processes and invests in innovation. At the same time, it actively supports those who need it, supporting the action of foundations and organizations with a public benefit character.

For future challenges, Amilos cooking and pastry academy is committed to offer the solutions and actions that best ensure sustainable and responsible development in each sector.