Rent the Kitchen

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Presentation of Producers

Greek producers are invited to our premises to present their ways of cultivation and production of their products. To teach us how to combine modern and traditional techniques, to remind us of the potential and value of our land and together with the Chef to suggest how to incorporate these products in our diet through delicious recipes. Tip: If you are interested in strengthening the dynamics of your corporate team, learn more about the team bonding events we offer!

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Product Presentation

Presentation and promotion of corporate products through Amilos. Present your own products or start your own culinary brand in our space. Always through taste and smell, but also through all the senses.

The specially designed area of Ammilos is ideal for:

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  • Chefs
  • Pastry Chefs
  • Bartenders
  • Photographers
  • Decorators
  • Public relations companies
  • Media planners
  • DJs
  • Video production
  • TV shooting
  • Advertising spots
  • Professional Photography
  • Recipe tasting
  • Tastings for food bloggers and food journalists
  • Chefs table dinner for private events
  • Seasonal events e.g. pie cutting