About Us

The journey of our culinary delights and creations starts from Thessaloniki, at 14 P.Tsaldari Street, Stavroupoli. There, in a modern, professional, warm and welcoming environment, all our activities take place.

The highly aesthetic space of 90 sqm is fully equipped with a specially designed kitchen, modern appliances and utensils of appropriate specifications.

The space meets all hygiene, safety and accessibility standards and has:

  • coffee bar
  • meeting point
  • gastronomy library
  • TV 
  • Camera
  • sound system

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of the Amilos Cooking Experience strategy. It is a powerful tool for growth and progress, a stimulus for innovation and a factor for continuous improvement.

Recognizing that the operation of the company affects the Economy, the Environment and the Society in which it operates, Cooking Experience Group correlates its strategy with the real needs of this triptych and aims at the well-organized implementation of its actions for a balanced and sustainable development. A sustainable development that will be beneficial to Society and the Environment as well as to the Company and its Employees.

Cooking Experience Group undertakes initiatives to adopt environmentally friendly practices in all its operations and has set as its main objective the protection of the environment through circular economy actions, but also by educating and raising awareness among its customers, adults and children. It applies continuous improvement processes and invests in innovation. At the same time, it actively supports those who need it, by supporting the activities of institutions and organizations of public benefit.

For future challenges, the Cooking Experience Group is committed to providing the solutions and actions that best ensure sustainable and responsible development in every sector.

The Cooking Experience Group, as part of its strategic planning, collaborates with companies and producers aiming to offer the best possible product and service to its customers.

All our partners are well established in the field with quality and fine products. Our successful team does not lack small producers and startups, with Greek quality products that are ambassadors of Greek production and the intangible cultural heritage of our country.

By choosing Amilos Cooking Experience and its various activities, you reward our dynamic partnerships in the best way!

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