Creative Activities for Children / Children's Parties

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Creative Activities for Children / Children's Parties

Cooking and pastry programmes

In Thessaloniki we spend our time with our little ones in a pleasant and fun way, combining cooking and pastry with learning. Experienced educators, nutritionists, child psychologists and of course chefs, create age-appropriate educational programmes in which cooking and pastry are sources of inspiration for lessons in geography, chemistry, arithmetic, art, language and ecology. We learn to eat healthy by building strong bodies. We learn to follow the rules of hygiene, to manage the kitchen area properly and not to waste food.

The programmes are aimed at children from 6 to 14 years old.

Maximum number of participants in Amilos' educational programmes: 14 children.

Partnerships with educational institutions

Our space can be visited by young students as part of the cultural activities of their schools, with the organization of special interactive seminars.

It is possible for these special seminars to take place with our team, on the premises of the institutions.

Vocational orientation

For older people, comprehensive career guidance programmes are organised to see if what you want to study is right for you. The programmes are aimed at adolescents aged 12 to 16.

Seminars for children with special skills

Organization of integrated cooking and baking seminars for children with special skills. A prerequisite for their implementation is the completion of the required number of participants.

Maximum number of participants 6 to 8 children

For more information, please contact us.

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Activities & Events

Creative activities for children on holiday

During Christmas and Easter we expect our little cooks to play, have fun, learn about the Greek tradition through the flavors, but also to learn by participating in the thematic programs of Amilos.

Summer Camp, or the STEM program goes on vacation! With cooking and baking always in the lead, we fill the leisure time of young gourmets during the summer. Endless hours of fun and learning with cool recipes for hot days in the city and lots of creative activities and games!

Children's parties

We organize unique and original theme parties for our little friends.

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The children, together with the chefs and educators, create and learn with their imagination and skills as a guide. You just tell us what you think and what you want, leaving the rest to us. In case you haven't decided, there are numerous ideas and suggestions that can be implemented tailored to the uniqueness of each child, your child!

Our space is configured according to the theme and we offer the materials, the utensils, the tools, the aprons of the young chefs and above all, the passion, the mood and the promise for the realization of a dream event.

Would you like a more private space or another space of your choice? Our team will be there with everything you need, utensils, materials and endless mood and ingenuity for a perfect result!

Mobile children's cooking and baking workshop

Ammilos and its mobile workshop travels, bringing its unique activities for children all over Greece. Contact us to organize the event you want.

Consultancy services for the organisation of children's events

The Amilos team offers you complete services for the organization of unique and unforgettable children's parties and events, always tailored to your own wishes.