The Kids Cooking Class of Ammilos Cooking Experience!

The Kids Cooking Class of Ammilos Cooking Experience!



The Kids Cooking Class of Ammilos Cooking Experience, which ran successfully from September to June, offered a unique opportunity for our little chefs to explore:

1. Cooking through the prism of STEM education
2.Cooking around the World.


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mathimata-mageirikis-gia-paidia-ammilos-thessalonikiOur little kids with the guidance of experienced chefs,
had the opportunity to discover not only the basic principles of cooking
but also the scientific concepts behind the process of preparing dishes.
Through fun and also interactive lessons,
children learned how chemistry, physics and math
affect the ingredients and flavors of a dish.




Multiculturalism was another important element of the program.
Our little chefs traveled deliciously to different corners of the world.
From Italian pizza and Japanese sushi to Mexican burritos and Greek skewers,
the children had the opportunity to get
to know and prepare traditional dishes from different countries.
This approach not only strengthened their cooking skills, but also broadened their horizons, cultivating respect and appreciation for different cultures



mathimata-mageirikis-gia-paidia-ammilos-thessalonikimathimata-mageirikis-gia-paidia-ammilos-thessalonikiThe 1st Kids Cooking Class  was completed with great success,
creating strong foundations for the future development
and expansion of the program. The increased participation,
as there were 2 classes of 8 children
and the positive feedback from parents and children
show that the love of cooking and learning new skills can offer multiple benefits, both on a personal and social level. We look forward to next season and the new adventures it will bring to our new kids!



Kaivetzi Maria.


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